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The company was founded in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain), and has specialized in acoustics since its inception. CESVA manufactures acoustic equipment and instruments, in particular sound level meters and condenser microphones. CESVA also has our own R+D department and patents. All CESVA's products are marketed under the trade mark CESVA, and are developed and manufactured at CESVA's own plant. CESVA's highly qualified production staff have many years of experience in the assembly of electronic systems, both digital and analogue. CESVA sits on several committees, both Spanish and international, for the creation and revision of regulations and standards. CESVA has also participated with great success in several European projects, thereby substantially increasing their experience. From CESVA's very inception they have maintained close links with the university, from which a mutually beneficial relationship has developed, leading to a series of joint projects, lectures, student training contracts, and so forth.


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