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CESVA LRF-05 Frequency Filter

Sound Level Limiter-Recorder




The LRF-05 frequency filter sound level logger-limiter spectrally controls the entire sound chain in octave bands. The unit consists of an integrating-averaging frequency band (octaves) sensor and an attenuator of over 40 dB, which functions by analysing and calculating the power of the octaves in real time, taking full advantage of the insulation of the room and achieving maximum sound pressure without either disturbing the neighbours or modifying the reproduction quality (it is not a compressor).

The LRF-05 has a permanent memory to store the programming information and data obtained during the past 60 days, even when disconnected from the electricity supply.

The LRF-05 is equipped with an internal self-checking system that allows you to continually detect whether the measurement system (sensor) or the hi-fi equipment have been tampered with. The system also memorises the results obtained during the checking process.

A luminous remote display may be connected to the LRF-05, allowing you to observe in real time the measured sound pressure level together with the attenuation level applied by the LRF-05.

NOTE: This model has the option ENOS (Extraneous Noise Override System), specially designed for the local music reproduction with high ambient noise level: bars, pubs, restaurants, etc. IT DOES NOT CUT THE MUSIC. With ENOS, the limiter controls the music so that it never exceeds the programmed limit, regardless of the noise generated by customers.


Product Highlights 

  • Control by emission Sound Pressure Level or reception SPL (insulation)
  • It registers all incidents
  • It can be completely sealed
  • Adaptable to any kind of regulation
  • It does not cut out the music.  With ENOS option, the reproduction of music in venues such as bars, pubs, and cafés is possible
  • Data retrieval by printer: serial connection with PC and modem
  • CONTROL NOISE FROM: discos, theme parks, exercise studios, and sports stadiums
  • APPLICATIONS: noise between dwelling units, and noise-control for the community


Applications for LRF-05 

  • Sound and video installation


Supplied accessories

  • LXM-8: Sensor for LRS-03, LRF-04, and LRF-05 limiters and RS-60 recorder
  • CNOMX9: Cable to connect the sensor to a limiter or register (9m. connectors included)
  • SFTL05: Communication and data retrieval software for LRF-05

Click to view the LRF-05 DataSheet

Link to CESVA Webpage about the LRF-05


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