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Cirrus doseBadge Noise Dosimeter


doseBadge Noise Dosimeter for Occupational Noise

The doseBadge is the original wireless personal noise dosimeter. It is the ideal tool to carry out occupational and industrial hygiene noise measurements and provides a unique solution to these applications.

The doseBadge will measure, store and calculate the parameters essential for compliance with the noise regulations including LAVG, LCPeak, & TWA. Along with these overall values, the doseBadge will store a Time History, or Noise Profile, throughout the measurement.

Combining an innovative design with simple, robust, and reliable operation, the doseBadge noise dosimeter weighs only 51g (1.8oz). With no cables, controls or displays, the doseBadge can be worn in areas where there is a risk of damaging traditional style units or where there is a risk of tampering.

The robust metal case protects the internal systems and microphone of the doseBadge. By locating the microphone inside the case, the doseBadge noise dosimeter is completely self contained and will give many years of reliable operation. This reduced servicing and calibration costs, which can be a very important on-going cost in the life of any noise measurement equipment.

The doseBadge is available in a range of different versions allowing it to be used in almost any application where a personal noise dosimeter is required. The doseBadge is also available with Intrinsic Safety Certification to ATEX, EEx, IECEx, FM, & SIMTARS, making it the ideal instrument for noise exposure measurements in hazardous zones and explosive atmospheres.
The doseBadge survives in the toughest environments
The doseBadge has been designed to survive use in the toughest and harshest environments. There are no cables, controls, or displays to damage and the microphone, battery, and electronics are all housed in a robust and lightweight metal case which is strong enough to withstand being dropped, knocked, or even stood on.

Create measurement reports quickly and simply
The NoiseTools software is supplied with the doseBadge and this software has been designed to be simple to use and give you the information you really need without being complicated or complex. Simply download your measurements and create reports quickly and easily with simple or comprehensive options available.

NoiseTools is supplied free from any licencing restrictions and can be installed onto as many PC’s as needed without having to purchase additional copies. Updates for NoiseTools are available free of charge from the Cirrus website.

Meeting your regulations with the doseBadge – OSHA, MSHA, AICHE, ACGIH, ISO

The doseBadge can be easily configured to measure noise exposure in accordance with almost any regulation or standard worldwide. For the US, the doseBadge can be set quickly to OSHA, MSHA, AICHE, or ACGIH. A second channel will automatically measure noise exposures using the ISO 3dB configuration allowing comparisons to be made between different noise exposure regulations.

The doseBadge is usually supplied as a complete measurement kit containing a number of individual doseBadges, a Reader unit, charging stations, power supply, software, user manuals, and certificates of calibraiton. Further doseBadge units can be quickly and simply added to an existing kit.

doseBadge Dosimeter Datasheet

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