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PC Vibration-Measuring System VibroMetra


vibrometra system


VibroMetra is a USB based system for typical vibration-measuring applications.



  • The system was designed for typical tasks of vibration-measurement. No ballast by unwanted functionality.
  • The system is modular which makes it upgradeable and particularly economic with lower channel numbers.
  • The necessary hardware is very compact which makes it particularly suited for mobile use.
  • Short installation and training time. After a few minutes you may start with the first measurement.
  • Off-line measurement: VibroMetra permanently saves the raw data stream of the sensor signal in the background. By this means you may analyze your measurement later again with other settings or other software instruments.
  • Data export as graphics, text, or binary file



  • Vibration-measurement and diagnosis at rotating machinery
  • Balancing of rotating parts
  • Building vibration measurement
  • Human vibration measurement
  • Production quality control
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Mobile measurements with notebook PC