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Norsonic Acoustic Camera


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Data Sheet 

Case Studies
Wind Turbine Case Study   

Use of the acoustic camera on wind turbines

Metro Station Case Study 
Metro station in Taipei, Taiwan
Modular Walls Case Study 
Finding acoustic weak points in a room divided by modular walls
Low-Frequency Noise Case Study 
Identifying low frequency tonal noise in windy and noisy conditions
Low-Level Sanitary Noise 
Pin poiting low-level sanitary noise in apartment building
Structure-Borne Noise 
Filming low frequency structure born noise with acoustic camera
Car Noise 
Using acoustic camera inside a caravan to find squak and rattle noise
Window Squak 
Identifying short time high pitch squak noise from electric window in a car door



  • Sound localization
  • Analysis of leakage from wall assemblies
  • Tonal noise localization 
  • Breakout noise analysis
  • Industrial noise localization
  • Product testing
  • Research & development

    The Nor848 acoustic camera is a state-of-the-art system for the localization, characterization, and visualization of sources within sonically complex environments. Its flexible configuration allows it to be used in near-field environments, such as laboratories, or for analysis of distant sources in the outdoors or large factories. An optical camera located in the center of the array captures video of the area it is facing while the system’s array of microphones captures the acoustic signal of the sound field. The video feed along with the processed signal is mapped in the Nor848 software allowing users to visualize sound levels across the video image by color or contour lines. Additionally, a virtual microphone enables users to scan the captured video image and listen to specific sound contribution from any source in real time, filtered with a selected frequency range. This enables the user to identify a problem by listening to specific areas of interest. The system’s power resides in its ability to record the necessary video and acoustic signals in the field for later post-analysis in using just the software on a MacBook Pro computer. 


  • Robust camera front-end based on a circular carbon fiber disc, three sizes available:
    - 128 microphones 0.4 meter array, only 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg) in weight
    - 256 microphones 1 meter array,  only 24 lbs. (11 kg) in weight
    - 384 microphones 1.6 meter array for lower frequency analysis
  • Simple connection to the MacBook Pro computer through a single LAN cable
  • Listen to and analyze real time audio from virtual microphone position
  • Virtual microphone enables you to listen to the sound contribution from any source real time, filtered with your selected frequency range
  • Microphones on a disc prevent sound and echo from behind
  • Low self-noise and large measurement range
  • RPM option for analyzing rotating machines
  • High-performance optical video camera is included in the camera’s front-end unit
  • The distribution of the high number of microphones ensures high resolving power and reduces the problems due to side lobe effects compared to most other acoustic cameras
  • Digital microphones ensure large dynamic range and high stability
  • All parts are integrated in the camera frontend – no need for a signal processing interface box
  • Operated on mains or DC input

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