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RIONOTE Portable Measurement System 


RIONOTE consists of a main control unit, the SA-01, which can be configured up to 16 channels, allowing you to perform measurements wirelessly. With its large color touch screen and dedicated software, the SA-01 becomes an intuitive, portable, and a multi-functional measurement and analysis device.  


Measurement Capabilities






Octave Band Analysis
Real time analysis of noise or vibration levels for evaluation and designing countermeasures is usually performed by means of octave band analysis (using either octave bands or 1/3 octave bands). 

FFT Analysis 
RIONOTE enables you to perform FFT analysis on multiple channels simultaneously. The results are shown in clear graphs on the large color screen, in real time, or from stored data when using the recall function. A marker allows you to scroll through the data and enables the readout of the level of a frequency of interest.
Transfer Function
The transfer function represents the relation between an input signal and output signal in the frequency domain, allowing the determination of amplitude and phase. In this mathematical calculation category, the RIONOTE supports coherence function and cross spectrum processing.

Waveform Recording
By using the waveform recording program, it is possible to display and record the time waveform of the incoming signal(s). Available recording time depends on the number of input channels and the selected frequency range. The figure below shows a time waveform displayed on the screen of the Main Control Unit.

Waveform Post-processing
After completing waveform recording (as explained above), the stored waveforms can be displayed on the Main Control Unit's large screen and played back by using the earphone jack output. In addition, various secondary post-processing functions for the waveform data are available in the Main Control Unit, including FFT analysis.

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