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SoundEar Jabra Noise Guide

In recent years an increasing number of people find themselves working in an open office environment. These are some of the facts:
  • Up to 70% of office workers say they are disturbed by noise.
  • More than 50 % are say they are interrupted by colleagues.
  • Workers report being interrupted as often as every 10 minutes.
With the Jabra Noise Guide, we are introducing a solution that directly targets the cause of the noise problem: noisy conversations.
The SoundEar indicates instantaneous noise level and gives immediate feedback.
The Noise Guide has two simple indicators: the SoundEar and the bottom light.

Technical data
Frequency Range:
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Measuring Level Range:
30 dB - 120 dBWeight: 1.5 kg.
+/- 1.5 dB
Frequency Weighting:
Linear, dB(A), dB(C)
Time Weighting:
Dynamic Range RMS:
90 dB and peak detection. Fully configurable through SoundEarĀ® software
USB Ports:
Micro USB (power & PC connection), USB OTG (log & config) dB(A)
Display Data:
Slow, Leq(A)15
Power Supply:
5 Vdc (microUSB) current consumption, max 2.5W 20
Hz - 20 kHz
Internal Memory:
16 MB (128 MBit) up to 90 days of log time
Real Time Clock:
High-precision type with battery backup (CR2032)

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