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SoundEar PRO


Measure up to 30 different locations at a time!

SoundEar PRO enables you to measure noise level within the whole company from one computer. SoundEar PRO consists of up to 30 noise meters, each of which measures the noise level in the surrounding area and sends the data to a computer. It is from this computer that it is possible to see the noise levels in real time, as well as access historical data.

SoundEar PRO monitors more than one area at a time:
  • The noise meters communicate with the main computer via several methods
  • The computer stores the measurement data for each noise meter
  • The software processes the data and stores the results
  • Class 2 approved, IEC 61672
  • LAeq and LCpeak measured and stored every second
  • Follow measurements in real time or go back and see results for the date you require
                                               See SoundEar PRO Software in Action Here:



Typical areas of use include the following:
  • Industrial noise monitoring
  • Hospitals and maternity wards
  • Schools and institutions
  • Hotels
  • Fitness centers
  • Entertainment business such as bars, restaurants, function rooms, clubs, pubs, theaters, concert halls, and discos.
All measurements are automatically stored in 24-hour files, so you can always click on the date you require and see the noise level for that day.

Technical Data

EC 61672-2-2002 type II, ANSI S1.4 type II
Displayed data:
SPL, average value ( Lavg or Leq ) minimum value ( Lmin), maximum value (Lmax), peak value ( Lpk ), exposure
+/- 0,1 dB
RMS Range:
40-135 dB
Dynamic Range:
95 dB
Frequency Range:
20 Hz to 16 KHz
RMS Time Response:
Fast & slow
0/- 1 dB
Wireless system:
Zigbee or WIFI
Range (Wireless):
70 m in free field
Communication via:
LAN/Ethernet/Wireless via Zigbee or WIFI
¼ inch electrets condenser microphone 
System Requirements
Operating system
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
1,0 GHz ( min )
512 MB ( min )
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