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New Product from RION – DA-21 Multi-Channel Recorder



The DA-21 is the successor model to the DA-20 and supports large-capacity SD cards (up to 32GB) and up to 8 channels by linking two DA-21 units phase synchronized. The DA-21 4-channel Data Recorder is capable of recording acoustic / vibration waveforms and various electrical signals in the field. Recorded data are saved in WAVE format on SD cards and can be imported into a computer for waveform analysis and other processing tasks.

Summary of Improvements Compared to the DA-20:

  • Supports large-capacity SD cards (up to 32GB)

  • Offers up to 8 channels by linking two DA-21 units

  • Quantization: 16 / 24 bit

  • Rotary pulse input connector

  • Time trigger function

  • Unit will be recognized as external removable disk when connected to a computer by USB

  • Separated signal input connectors and playback output connectors

Additional Features of the DA-21 Multi-Channel Recorder

  1. Reduction of crosstalk between channels: crosstalk is an electric influence between channels. This influence causes difficulty in measuring electrical values.

  2. DC offset has been improved: now the lower level ranges (0.01, 0.03, 0.1, and 0.3 V) can be used in DC coupling mode because the DC offset has been reduced significantly.

  3. More reliable data storage.

  4. Reduction in start-up time.

  5. Phase reversion of the input signal: this function is used when charge type accelerometers are connected using VP-40 or VP-42 charge converters, because the phase of the signal is reversed in this configuration.

  6. 24 V for CCLD: this allows for easy use of the various sensors which mainly require 24V.

  7. Extended input voltage range for external DC power supply: the extended power voltage range is from 5V to 20V.

  8. Independent voice memo channel: voice memo can be recorded on any of the 4 channels or a separate channel to be used for voice memo, tachometer input, or a marker.

  9. Nickel-hydride batteries available on DA-21.

  10. Up to 5 setup files can be stored in the internal memory.

  11. Operation key panel with back-light.