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How to Order


Send your instruments to our address below. No RMA is needed.

Scantek Calibration Lab
6430 Dobbin Road, Suite C
Columbia, MD 21045

  • Enclose a Purchase Order or a letter detailing the service requested and a detailed packing list.

  • Provide contact information for technical communications (e-mail is preferred).

  • Provide customer name and address as you want to appear on the certificates. 

  • Provide the calibration interval for each instrument.

  • Provide return ship-to address of equipment. 

  • Indicate the preferred payment method. (Payment by check is preferred but we also accept AmEx, MasterCard, and Visa). Do not include credit card information: when the work is finished we will contact you for the payment.

  • Contact us in advance if you need to schedule a rush service (additional fees apply).


Specifics for sound level meters, analyzers, and sound measuring systems: 

Due to existence of multiple standards (international and national) that may apply to one sound level meter/measuring system we need you to choose the one we should use for testing, from the following options:

  • Option 1: IEC 61672-3: 2013 – also adopted as US national standard ANSI S1.4-3:2014

  • Option 2: ANSI S1.4:1983 & ANSI S1.43:1997 (superseded by 2014 edition)

  • Option 3: IEC 61672-3:2006 (superseded by 2013 edition)

  • Option 4: IEC 651:1979 & IEC 804:1985 (both withdrawn)


We need your selection before we start the work.