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Nor850 Distributed Multi-Channel System

V 1.5 Software Release


The Nor850 version 1.5 is now released. The main new features and improvements in version 1.5 include:

General mode

  1. Possible to synchronize the cursor positions for various displays
  2. The measurement control now supports a continued measurement after measurement End or Stop. A Stop marker is then displayed in the level vs. time displays
  3. Up to 10 user-defined markers may be entered during the measurement using the key combination Alt + #. The user-definition dialogue is displayed upon selection in the Marker menu
  4. Measurements based on Nor850 General Mode may be read into NorReview Software Version 5.1 for further investigations
  5. Variable indicator colors for status, errors, and warnings to be selected in Layout/IndicatorColors menu
  6. If no data is entered into the Sensor Administration menu, the Nor850 will take a standardized Nor140 preamplifier and microphone as default sensor

Building Acoustic Mode

  1. Adding other projects and copying data from various positions between the projects
  2. Re-use measurement data for other measurement standards
  3. Upper frequency limitation set to 10 kHz 1/3-octave band
  4. Reverberation time calculations moved from the measurement module DSP into PC software part for improved functionality
  5. New Tmax reverberation time feature use the maximum dynamic range at each frequency band
  6. Manual edited measurement values may be reset to original value by selecting ‘Undo’ in the right-click menu within the tabular results
  7. Single frequency measurements with band pass noise excitation to improve signal-to-noise for both level and reverberation time measurements
  8. Y-axis selector for reverberation time decays
  9. Swept-sine measurement technique
  10. Prestart of noise excitation for level measurements
  11. TTL control feature for use of moving loudspeakers
  12. Start/stop control for Nor277 Tapping Machine
  13. Improvement of measurement control for impact improvement tests
  14. Short noise bursts in signal generator for multi-channel calibration acceptance

Sound Power Mode

Similar improved functionality as point 1-8 in Building Acoustic Mode.

Detailed descriptions of available features are found in the new Instruction Manual for Version 1.5. The new Software Version 1.5 requires upgrade of the measurement modules Nor140 and/or Nor850-1 to run the Firmware Version 3.0.1506 or newer.

The new software may be downloaded from our site. The download file includes a .pdf version of the Instruction Manual as well as the Firmware Version 3.0.1506 for the measurement modules and/or Nor140. Please note that this firmware version is not an official release version for the normal use of the Nor140 instruments.

For additional information, please visit the Norsonic website or contact us directly. 

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