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       RIONOTE Multi-Channel Sound and Vibration Analyzer                                                                                                                                 

RIONOTE is the ground-breaking, multi-channel, multi-function measuring system from RION. RIONOTE combines the newest technology with the traditional virtues of RION: quality, ease-of-use, and economic sense. RIONOTE consists of a Main Control Unit SA-A1, which can be configured with up to 16 channels. The Main Control Unit is easy and intuitive to operate, with the dedicated program of your choice, all on a large color touch screen. RIONOTE also enables the use of wireless docks or wireless sensor amplifiers to avoid the cost and hassle of cables. A plurality of wireless docks and wireless sensor amplifiers can be used simultaneously to store the measured data in the Main Control Unit as well as in the memory of the wireless dock or wireless sensor amplifier.


RIONOTE offers advanced measurement functionality. By using the waveform recording program, it is possible to display and record the time waveform of the incoming signal(s). Available recording time depends on the number of input channels and the selected frequency range. After completing waveform recording, the stored waveforms can be displayed on the Main Control Unit’s large screen and played back by using the earphone jack output. Moreover, various secondary post-processing functions for the waveform data are available in the Main Control Unit.



Octave analysis is available with the RIONOTE for real-time analysis of noise or vibration levels. Full or third octave bands can be utilized for comparing levels to a requirement or for conducting diagnostic evaluations. RIONOTE also provides for FFT analysis on multiple channels simultaneously. The results are shown in clear graphs on the large color screen, in real-time, or from stored data. The transfer function represents the relationship between an input signal and output signal in the frequency domain. RIONOTE allows for the measurement of transfer functions and supports cross-spectrum, coherence, and power spectrum processing.



RION will continuously develop both programs and hardware for this measuring system of the future. Advanced test functionality made possible by the availability of multi-channel transfer function capability includes sound intensity measurement, structural modal analysis, operating deflection shapes, dynamic rotor balancing, drive point impedance measurement, and power injection measurement.

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