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Real Time Datalogger for

Construction and Community Noise Monitoring


ScanMonitor is a complete construction or community noise monitoring system composed of a sound level meter, real time datalogger, communications, enclosure, and software to process the results.  Data are stored on high capacity local memory and also can be transmitted in real time by GSM, WiFi, or Ethernet connections.  ScanMonitor can execute auto-diagnosis procedures and provide alerts when service is needed and can be used for permanent, semi-permanent, or mobile stations. Power can be provided by mains, battery, or solar panels.


ScanMonitor uses Rion NL-42EX Type 2 or Rion Type 1 NL-52EX Sound Level Meters, allows for remote data collection from the real time datalogger, and is accessible via wireless or wired LAN or GPRS.  It contains on-board web server so sound level meter, parameters, sampling time, IP, VPN, DNS, and user logo are all configurable.  Using Rion, 10 samples per second can be continuously recorded.  Measurement metrics can include Lp, Leq, LE, Lmax, Lmin, and five selectable Ln.  Web based software processes and displays results so setup is easy.  It can be powered by mains, battery, or solar and can be permanent or portable.  Unauthorized box opening can be detected.                                                                 




Standards for Rion meters include IEC 61672-1:2002, ANSI S1.4-1983, ANSI S1.4A-1985, and ANSI S1.43-1997.  Frequency weighting includes A, C, Z, for RMS measurements and C and Z for peak level measurements.  Integration interval can be set.  Measurement range is 25 to 138 dB for A, 33-138 dB for C, and 38 to 138 dB for Z.  Internal calibration and verification is possible.  Temperature range is -10 to +50 °C (14 to 122 °F) and RH is 10 to 90%.  Remote communication with real time datalogger is by Ethernet, WiFi, or GSM/ GPRS optional with SIM card.  Real time datalogger includes an SD card reader, GPRS/ GSM optional, and GPS optional.  Nominal dimensions are 16 x 12 x 6 inches and varies whether permanent or temporary.  Weight is 20 pounds depending on batteries and configuration.  Power supply for Rion is 6 VDC and power supply for real time datalogger is 6 to 30VDC.  The software is web-based so easily learned and modified.  Data can be graphed, customized, and printed.


Figure 1 shows the entry level real time display, where real time data can be viewed and current and past data can be downloaded.


                                     Real Time Display

Figure 1



Figure 2 shows an example of the service level display. This level is protected by username and password and charts can be customized for specific noise metrics and raw data and charts can be downloaded.


                                     Service Level Display

Figure 2


 For more information, download the ScanMonitor specification sheet 

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