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SoftdB Piccolo: Integrating Sound Level Meter & Data Logger


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Easy to use and low cost.  The Piccolo allows professional measurement of LEQ, SEL, SPL, Lmax, and Lmin. Using state of the art technology, the Piccolo is compact, lightweight, and low cost, and it consumes low levels of energy.

Specifications*: IEC 651/804 Type 2 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2 (typical results, site note below)


Price: $360


Main Features


  • LEQ, SPL, SEL, LMAX, LMIN, and statistical analysis (L%) measurement
  • Single range meter: 37 to 105 dB
  • From band 31 Hz to 8 kHz
  • FAST and SLOW mode; frequency weighting A and C
  • Display warnings: Lo, Hi level limits; low battery and memory status
  • Data logging: up to 20,000 data; Ex.: Leq(1h) with full statistic for 1 week
  • Threshold LED alarm (User defined Level)
  • Battery autonomy : up to 250 hours
  • Pocket size, lightweight, & choc resistant
  • USB connectivity for set-up, download, and data post-processing
  • Tripod mounting screw


Piccolo Data Sheet 

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