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Safer Operations by Surgeons in Quiet Theatres

Noise stresses surgeons and puts their patients at risk. However, a study using Danish noise meters in a German hospital shows that simple measures can reduce the noise level and halve the number of complications.

The researchers conducted their study in an operating theatre where surgeons operated on children of all ages – from premature babies to 16-year olds. 156 operations were included in the study and they succeeded in lowering the median noise levels in the operating theatre from 63 to 59 dB, a reduction the staff would perceive as a significant noise . In addition to that, there was also a noticeable drop in the number of noise peaks equivalent to the intensity of a passing truck.

Before the staff reduced noise emissions, complications arose after 20 out of 58 operations, while only 10 out of 56 patients experienced postoperative complications after the noise reduction program. Additionally, measurements showed that the surgeons’ stress level fell.

The researchers installed noise meters from SoundEar on the walls at eye level. The noise meter has a display shaped like an ear that changes color from green to yellow to red as the noise level increases and exceeds the set noise limit.

SoundEar’s “ear”, as the noise meter is more popularly called, is well-known for its use in day-care centers. SoundEar has developed similar models that are now more widely used in hospital wards all over the world.