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Terms and Conditions 


The quotes for calibration services do not include repairs. Shipping and insurance are additional. A processing & handling fee is applied for each order or split orders.



1. The calibration documents indicate which and if the tests are covered by our NVLAP scope of accreditation. 

2. All test results are provided at no extra cost.          

3. Each instrument is admitted for calibration only after a functional check that will determine if it is working properly.

  • If the instrument is not admissible for calibration and no other action is taken, an evaluation fee of $75 is applied. 

  • If the instrument is admitted for calibration but it fails one or more of the tests, the customer will be contacted to determine further action. The “as found data” will be provided. A test charge of 75% of the calibration cost will be applied for rejected instruments.

4. The standard calibration service for type/class 1 sound level meters includes separate calibration of the microphone, while for type/class 2 instruments the microphone is tested along with the instrument. The preamplifiers are tested along with the sound level meter. 

5. We usually test microphones from 100 Hz and up. If you need a different frequency interval, please mention it in your request.

6. Our standard calibration service includes partial test of the filters sets: for each set, we test the relative attenuation of the two filters with highest central frequency. Additional tests on the filters are available as a separate service. 

7. Due to existence of multiple standards (international and national) applicable to your sound level meter(s), we need you to choose the standard we should use for testing, from the following options:

  • Option 1: ANSI S1.4 & ANSI S1.43 (current in USA)

  • Option 2: IEC 61672-3 (current in other parts of the world)

  • Option 3: IEC 651 & IEC 804 - still used in some countries in South America. 

  • Option 4: IEC 61672-3: 2013 – recently adopted as national standard  in US

We need your selection before we start the work. 

8. For multi-channel systems, we fully test one channel, and for the remaining channels we only perform the tests that focus on the hardware parameters.

9. In order to keep the prices low, we limit our communications on the status of the work to the cases where there are issues or we need more information. We encourage our customers to track for themselves the delivery of the packages to our location.      

10. Important: Scantek retains calibration records for a maximum of five years! 

Turnaround time from instrument receipt (except shipping):

- 7 to 10 working days for items tested in house

- 10 to 14 working days for outsourced items

- Expedite orders: depending on the size of the order: Usually two working days plus shipping. Additional fees apply.

Based on the ISO 17025 requirements, Scantek Inc. does not provide a calibration interval on calibration sticker or certificate unless specified in writing by the customer and agreed by both parts.

PAYMENT TERMS: NET 30 DAYS. Payable in US funds on a US bank. Payable by check, AmEx, Visa, or MasterCard. Other terms on request. Occasionally, we may ask for prepayment of the service.