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Binaural Recording Systems



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BSWA Binaural Recording Systems
The BR2022 and Pro 750 binaural recording systems from BSWA offer users the ability to make 3D audio recordings for various applications ranging from sound quality to NVH analysis.

  • 3D Sound recording
  • Binaural recording
  • Sound quality analysis
  • NVH Analysis


iPhone Based Binaural In-ear Recording & Playback System

BSWA Binaural Recorder BR2022

  • iPhone-based two channel in-ear recorder system with binaural microphones. The BR2022 can be used in sound quality analysis, 3D audio recording, and video making with the binaural sound.
  • Easy to use and portable
  • External 24bits A/D and D/A to ensure the high quality recording and playback
  • Recording with iPhone APPs
  • Easy to Share the data using social media

Binaural Mic Pro 750

The Mic Pro 750 is an over-the-ear binaural recording system with built-in phase matched microphones and ear-speakers.

  • MPA416 phase matched microphones
  • Sealed headphone for effective reduction of ambient noise
  • ICCP powered microphones with BNC connectors for connection with standard data acquisition equipment
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor measurements