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CadnaB – The Building Acoustics Planning System


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CadnaB – The Building Acoustics Planning System by DataKustik

CadnaB is the software to calculate airborne and impact sound transmission between rooms for an entire building including airborne sound transmission from and to the exterior. The calculation is based on parts 1 to 3 of the standard series ISO 12354 and will be extended to additional standards in the future (e.g. DIN 4109).

  • Calculation of interior levels (between rooms inside and from the exterior)
  • Numerous junctions types for modelling of element connections
  • Interoperability between CadnaA and CadnaR files
  • Calculation according to ISO 12354-1 (airborne sound insulation between rooms), ISO 12354-2 (impact sound insulation between rooms), and ISO 12354-3 (airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound).
  • All performance parameters according to ISO 717-1 (airborne sound insulation) and ISO 717-2 (impact sound insulation) available
  • ASTM-parameters available (STC, OITC, IIC)
  • Easy generation of variants by duplication and inversion of room situations for changed preferences settings
  • Calculation of the structural reverberation time in-situ according to EN 12354-1, annex C
  • Correction of radiation factor for flanking elements
  • Several databases available with acoustical data on building elements
  • Import of sketch-files (BMP/JPG) for user-defined constructions
  • Export of sketches for constructions
  • Export of all calculated data in MS-Excel-format
  • Configurable print-preview/print-outs