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Rion DA-21 4-Channel Data Recorder



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Rion DA-21 4-Channel Data Recorder
The DA-21 is a compact 4-channel data recorder that provides the user a light weight and high quality instrument to record various types of electronic signals and waveform data for on-site measurement of sound and vibration. Measured data are stored in WAVE Format on SD cards and stored data can be reproduced as analog signals and output to external signal processing devices for detailed analysis. Two units can be synchronized to provide an 8-channel system.

Noise and vibration data recording
AC or DC signal recording
In-situ data acquisition
Vehicle testing
Rotary pulse measurement (Tacho)
Vibration level measurements
Supports high capacity SD cards up to 32GB
CCLD support allows easy connection of sensors including microphones and accelerometers
Support of sound pressure, vibrations, rotation, temperature or other measurement quantities into an electrical signal (AC or DC)
BNC input connectors
Inter-unit synchronization up to 8 channels
Rotary pulse input connector (Tacho)
Frequency range from DC to 20 kHz
Units in V, V/EU, mV/(m/s2) or dB
Voice memo and marker information
Playback of data
Compact and lightweight body
Includes data AS-70 Viewer Software


Class 1 Sound Calibrator with 94 dB pressure level


AC adapter


Battery Pack


BNC to BNC cable (2m and up)


Voice memo microphone (see brochure for additional accessories)

AS-70 Waveform Analysis Software (Viewer version is included)

The AS-70 Waveform analysis software reads data from Wave files and offers a wide range of functions, including graph display, level processing, frequency analysis (FFT analysis and octave band analysis), file output and playback.