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GTI iPad Vibration Analyzer for Predictive Maintenance



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GTI iPad Vibration Analyzer for Predictive Maintenance

The iPad-Based Predictive Maintenance system from GTI transforms an iPad into a vibration analyzer, a balancer and much more. Using an extensive app library, the system extends far beyond what typical predictive maintenance systems can offer.

Full Vibration Analysis Routes
Machine Condition Monitoring
Balancing of rotating equipment
Shaft Alignment
Real time spectrum analysis
Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement
Single measurement reports with easy email sharing
Wireless measurement capability
Phase and amplitude analysis
Cross-phase measurement
Simple operation using an iPad
The iPad system is designed to work with an entire catalog of supported apps. The following apps are available in the iTunes app store and may be added to an iPad system after initial purchase.

VibePro 7

GTI’s premier flagship vibration analysis application. Features include single measurement reporting, route data collection, machine maintenance events (to track repairs done to asset), VibePro Online integration, TWF capture and more.


A Bluetooth version of VibePro for our industry leading single channel Bluetooth accelerometer. Time-wave form based capture with direct integration with VibePro Online.

VibePro Online

A web application for PC based reporting and post-processing for data collected with VibePro or VibePro-BT.


True phase analysis machine condition monitoring app that records 1X phase and amplitude values for different measuring points using a tachometer.


A cross-phase vibration measurement app, allows user to measure cross-phase vibration between two sensor positions.


An app for asset documentation and certification.

Vibration Transmissibility

Plots resonance in relation to running speed.


The vibration and balancing system has been designed to work with almost every iPAD.  An iPAD is included with every systems unless one is supplied by the customer.

GTI-210: Bluetooth Single-Channel Accelerometer

For those that need a truly wireless solution, it is also available as an intrinsically safe solution.

GTI-220Gen2Transparent: Wireless Dual-Channel Accelerometer

A no compromise wireless solution, two-channel support enables balancing, phase analysis, transmissibility and other custom applications. A special temperature sensor is available; this sensor will automatically add temperature data and trends to VibePro routes.

VibePro DAQ

3-port, 2-channel data acquisition box for wired accelerometers and tachometers, great for dual-plane balancing.