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M29 and M33 IEPE Signal Conditioning Modules



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MMF M29 and M33 IEPE Signal Conditioning Modules

  • Signal conditioning for dynamic measurements with IEPE transducers for acceleration, force, pressure or IEPE microphones
  • M33 provides amplification and anti-aliasing filtering for applications in data acquisition systems
  • Multichannel systems
  • Suitable for industry, laboratory and field
  • Modular system: By means of two 4 mm plugs which are screwed into the sidewall mechanical and power supply connection to the neighboring unit is provided
  • Mounting adapter for 35 mm DIN rails optionally available
  • Rugged and compact aluminum cases
  • BNC sockets for input and output
  • Input features constant current supply (IEPE)
  • Sensor status LED indicates 3 conditions: OK, cable break, and shorted sensor cable
  • M33 with 4 gain ranges (1 / 10 / 100 / 1000), selectable by rotary switch
  • High bandwidth
  • M33 with replaceable low pass filter module
  • Powered by DC voltage via circular DIN 45323 connector or two 4 mm banana sockets at the sidewall Wide supply voltage range
  • Insulation between signal ground and power supply voltage avoids grounding problems