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M72 Series Charge and IEPE Signal Conditioners



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MMF M72 Series Charge and IEPE Signal Conditioners
Models M72A1, M72A3, M72S1, M72B1, M72B3 and M72R1

  • Signal conditioning for dynamic measurement with piezoelectric sensors for acceleration, force and pressure or sound
  • Front-end with anti-aliasing filter for PC data acquisition systems
  • Mobile measuring systems
  • Multichannel measuring systems
  • For piezoelectric transducers with charge or IEPE output
  • Amplification, filtering and integration
  • M72R1 and M72S1 for 19″ racks
  • Multi-channel configuration
  • Rack cases M72S8 and M72R8 with USB
  • BNC sockets at rear of instrument
  • Charge attenuators MQ20/MQ40 available as accessory for high inputs