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noiseLab Express Waveform Analysis Software



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Delta noiseLab Express Waveform Analysis Software
noiseLAB Express provides  Type 1 Sound Level, & 1/3 Octave and FFT analysis of imported WAVE (.wav ) files. Wave files from sound level meters or hard disk/flash recorders can be analyzed for sound level, FFT and octave band spectra. Editor can be used to select relevant portions of the signal and results can be exported to MS Excel.

  • Easy calibration of imported .wav files
  • Type 1 results for wave files recorded by Type 1 Sound Level Meters
  • Improved accuracy by auditing and editing your recordings to only analyze the relevant data
  • Streamlined calibration, analysis, and Excel export
  • Process multiple recordings in one operation
  • Input format: 16 or 24 bit uncompressed .wav, single channel
  • Maximum Recording Duration: 10 minutes
  • FFT Analysis: Down to 10 Hz resolution, Hanning weighting
  • Octave Analysis: 1/1 or 1/3 octave analysis
  • Linear RMS weighting
  • Sound Level: Fast, Slow or Leq
  • Z, A, B, or C weighted
  • Leq in 1 s intervals
  • All Analysis types to Type 1 sound level meter standards
  • Calibration: Automatic transfer of calibration from an imported 1 kHz calibration tone of Scaling information for a range of Svantek .wav files
  • Editor: Create Multiple Clips as short as 1 second
  • Scrubbing: Permits interactive viewing of Spectra or Sound Level as you move the cursor through the preview waveform
  • Sound Playback: Includes extra gain to permit sound playback of wide dynamic range signals without the need for an external amplifier
  • Graph Display: Quarter, half or full screen
  • Data Export: Result export to Excel