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Nor140 Precision Sound and Vibration Analyzer


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Nor140 Precision Sound and Vibration Analyzer

A precision hand held sound level meter designed for the highest standard of use. The Nor140 is packed into the smallest real time analyzer featuring sound recording present on the market today.


  • Environmental noise
  • Building acoustics
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Product development
  • Quality control
  • Noise mapping
  • Sound power
  • Speech intelligibility – STIPA
  • Vibration measurements
  • Noise nuisance recorder
  • Sound recording onto exchangeable SD card
  • Level vs. time with multi-spectrum function from 25 ms resolution
  • Parallel detection of SPL, Leq, Lmin, Lmax, LE, Lpeak and 8 statistical values
  • Measurement of A-weighted levels simultaneously with either C- or Z-weighted levels
  • Parallel Fast (F), Slow (S), or Instantaneous (I) time constants
  • Frequency analysis with 1/1-octave or 1/3-octave bands in the 0.4 Hz – 20 kHz range
  • 8000 line FFT analysis with 1.46Hz line resolution
  • 120 dB dynamic range giving a “one-range” instrument covering all levels from microphone noise floor at 15 dBA to maximum SPL at 137 dBA (140dB peak)
  • Pause/Continue function with 10 sec back erase function
  • Manual or automatic storage of results with automatic measurement repeat and clock synchronization
  • Building acoustics according to ISO 10052, ISO 140 & ISO 717 with on screen sound insulation indexes
  • Dual channel building acoustic analysis using two Nor140 controlled from CtrlBuild PC program hosted in the dual channel BA case Nor518
  • Noise generator
  • Reverberation time calculations
  • Supports Swept Sine reverberation measurement
  • Advanced trigger functions
  • Complies to all relevant IEC and ANSI Class 1 specifications
  • Both USB 2.0 and RS232 high speed digital interface
  • Wireless communication using Nor520 Bluetooth transceiver
  • High resolution backlit display
  • ICP power for direct connection of vibration sensors
  • RPM input
  • Built-in random incidence correction and wind screen correction
  • Option 0: LTmax5, LeqI and Leq measurements according to German Standards
  • Option 1: 1/1-octave real-time filters 0,5 – 16 000 Hz
  • Option 2: Reference spectrum comparison (require option 1)
  • Option 3: 1/3-octave filter bands 0,4 – 20 000 Hz (require Option 1)
  • Option 4: Statistical calculations
  • Option 5: Parallel F, S, I time constants
  • Option 6: Basic time profile mode
  • Option 7: Enhanced time profile mode (requires Option 6)
  • Option 8: Sound recording (requires Option 6)
  • Option 9: Reverberation time calculation
  • Option 10: Internal noise generator with white and pink noise (signal cables not included)
  • Option 11: Complete Building Acoustic mode with microphone position room averaging in accordance with ASTM E336, E1007 and ISO-16283 and ratings calculations according to ASTM E413, E989, and ISO-717
  • Option 12: Swept-Sine Reverberation measurements
  • Option 13: Speech Transmission Index mode. Calculates the STIPA-value according to IEC60268-16. Incl. CD with excitation signal (Nor 1034) (requires option 1)
  • Option 14: FFT-mode
  • Option 15: Survey sound power mode for LwA measurements according to ISO 3746
  • Option 16: Trigger for global measurement based on clock, threshold and external signal
  • Option 17: Audiometer calibration
  • Option 18: Extended measurement range with the normal microphone (150 dB peak) including self noise compensation
  • Option 19: Extended noise monitoring features such as repeatable read-out


Standard: Containing the basic Nor140 with the options 1, 3, 4, and 5
Environmental: Containing the basic Nor140 with the options 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 16
Building Acoustics: Containing the basic Nor140 with the options 1, 3, 9, 10, and 11
Consultant: Containing the basic Nor140 with the options 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 16

Below is a list of carefully selected accessories for the Nor140. This is just a view of the most popular accessories. Please contact your local Norsonic sales office or the factory if you need other accessories than listed.


Mains Adaptor, 90-230 Vac input with standard EU mains plug, 12 Vdc output


Portable battery pack with fuse protection, 7Ah, 12V, including charger and cable for connecting battery to Nor140


Remote hand switch with 5m cable for external triggering of start or audio recording (if applicable) on Nor140 (requires option 16)


Precision Microphone Calibrator with 114dB pressure level. Supplied with accredited calibration certificate


Precision Microphone Calibrator with variable 114dB, or 94dB pressure level. Supplied with accredited calibration certificate


Outdoor microphone for community and aircraft noise for both permanent and temporary applications. With SysCheck facility. Fulfils IEC60651, IEC61672 type 1 and ANSI S1.4 type 1. Protection class IP55 against dust and water. Complete with microphone type Nor1227 or Nor1225, preamplifier Nor1209A with heater to minimize condensation problems


Outdoor microphone for community and aircraft noise for temporary applications. Uses the preamplifier and microphones supplied with the Nor140. Fulfills IEC60651, IEC61672 type 1, and ANSI S1.4 type 1. Protection class IP55 against dust and water


Relay interface unit for connection to digital output on Nor140. Requires 24 – 240 Vac


Rotating signal alarm lamp for connection to Nor268, relay interface unit. 220V connection


Wireless Bluetooth module for Nor140. More than 100 meter transmission in free field if used together with Nor520A/PC, PC Bluetooth adapter


Rugged case with space for 2 x Nor140, PC, and cables. For dual channel building acoustic applications


Portable environmental “Pelican” case with sun screen, room for measuring instrument Nor140, Outdoor Microphone, Nor4610 Moxa 3G-modem, Nor1251 Calibrator, and two batteries Nor344. One battery supplies the Nor140 and the other the Nor4610 allowing more than one week of operation



Microphone cable. Specify length


USB Data cable for interfacing Nor140 and Nor13x instruments to PC via USB port.(included in delivery)


Trigger cable (2m) for nested triggering of Nor140


RS232 Cable (2m) for connection of to PC with 9-pin connector


Cable for simultaneous connection to RS-232 interface and AC(Flat) output


Cable (2m) for AC outputs (BNC)

A large range of various application software for evaluation controlling and reporting is available. The most used packages are listed below:


A new measurement concept, mainly designed for multichannel use. This product offer unique user friendliness and support Nor140 as a standalone measurement channel. Support Building acoustics, sound power and general analyzer applications.

Nor850 DataSheet

Nor1028 NorBuild

PC-software for calculating and presenting graphically the Sound Insulation Indices according to the field measurement Standards ISO-140/4, /5, and /7 as well as ISO 717/1 and /2. Results are based on measurement files from Nor140 which are stored on the PC itself. Version 4 includes the test procedure and calculation for the new ISO 16283 standard that replace the ISO 140. Alternatively results are imported by using the instrument remote control module Nor1028/3 CtrlBuild feature.

NorBuild DataSheet

Nor1026 NorReview

Postprocessing software for graphically and numerically review of the Level vs. time profile and frequency spectrum. Advanced calculation module, event, and recording handling. Generates Word reports of basic measurement functions/graphs for further editing by operator. Perform Quick-Calc analysis as well as insert markers at selected time intervals. Runs user defined Excel macro functions and enables the user to prepare user-defined reports with the NorReport feature. Audio recordings may be replayed on PC installed media-player or Norsonic player with “running cursor”.

NorReview DataSheet

Nor1035 NorPower

PC-software for calculating and presenting graphically the Sound Power indices according to the measurement Standards in the ISO374x series. Results are based on measurement files which are stored on the PC itself. Alternatively, results are imported by using the instrument remote control module Nor1035/3 CtrlPower feature.

NorPower DataSheet

Norsonic Nor140 Brochure
Norsonic Product Catalog For more information on the Nor140, please contact us or visit Norsonic’s Product Page.