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Nor277 Tapping Machine


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Norsonic Nor277 Tapping Machine
The Nor277 tapping machine is the third generation of tapping machines from Norsonic for performing standardized impact noise tests (foot fall noise). It incorporates all the experience from the former generations into a compact, light, yet a rugged unit with the construction based on an extruded aluminum chassis. The hammers are made of harden stainless steel, ensuring non deformation of the hammer shape even after years in use.

The tapping machine standards specify the impact velocity of the hammer and to ensure this requirement is met the Nor277, continually monitors each hammer. Each hammer is fitted with a laser sensor to measure the impact velocity to ensure that the energy imparted into the test floor is correct hence the effects of any friction or misalignments are immediately apparent. Each hammer has a LED indicator on the front panel that indicates when the impact velocity and tapping frequency are within the requirements of the standard. The user can now be assured that the noise generation system will perform to the requirements of the standards and therefore concentrate on the other aspects of the measurement.

Field and laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements
Building acoustics measurements according  ISO and ASTM standards
Performance evaluation of building construction assemblies
Research and development
Product noise testing
Impact sound transmission testing according to ISO 16283, ASTM E492 and ASTM E1007
Remote operation from hand switch or PC
Mains or battery operation
Powered from 85-264 volt AC main supply. Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries
Battery capacity: Typical 1 hour with intermittent use and 45 minutes of continues operation
Battery de-rating: <5% loss in capacity per 100 discharge/charge cycles
Charging time: 2 hours
Low weight 10 kg (22 lbs.) incl. battery and wireless remote option
Rugged construction
Five hammers each having a mass of 500 g falling from a height of 40 mm (adjustable)
Tapping sequence of 10 impacts per second, rpm controlled via servo feedback loop
Built in self check of hammer fall speed, and tapping sequence