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Nor279 Impact Ball


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Norsonic Nor279 Impact Ball
The Norsonic Nor279 Impact Ball is a product developed for use as an impact source for measurements of impact sound insulation performance of building ceiling assemblies.

The rubber ball generates an impact force in the octave bands from 31.5 Hz to 500 Hz therefore it is primary useful for analyzing low frequency performance of the floor under test. The ball is to be dropped in a vertical free fall from a height of 100 cm (+/- 1cm) measured from the bottom of the rubber ball to the surface of the floor. After the drop, the ball is to be stopped in order to avoid multiple impacts on the floor. Minimum four rubber ball positions are to be used for the test measurement. For lightweight floors with joints, one of the positions should be above the joints and one position should be at the center points of the floor.

Building Acoustics
Sound Insulation Testing
Product Testing
Research & Development
“Rubber Ball “ alternative to the Tapping Machine Excitation method in accordance with the ISO 16283-2 Appendix A.2 and the ISO 10140-5 Appendix F.2
Hollow sphere ball
Outside diameter 178mm and thickness 32mm
Silicone rubber material
Equivalent mass 2,5 kg (+/- 0,1kg)
Coefficient of restitution at 0,8 (+/- 0,1)
Rubber hardness 40o (+/- 5o)