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NorReview Environmental Noise Analysis Software


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Norsonic NorReview Environmental Noise Analysis Software
NorReview is a flexible project oriented software package for presenting and post processing environmental noise data from Norsonic instruments. Each project may contain all type of raw and post-processed noise data, audio recordings, voice notes, MS Word or Excel reports and other files such as digital photos and pdf-text files. It can quickly generate a single report or make advanced evaluations and complex project reports.

  • Evaluation of industrial, rail and road traffic noise
  • Evaluation of residential noise
  • Evaluation of multiple measurement files simultaneously
  • Direct import or file read-in from Norsonic instruments
  • Displays frequency, time-profile, FFT and AC views of the measurement data
  • Insert and edit markers to recognize noise sources
  • Replay of audio recordings with dynamic cursor and marker insert features
  • Post processed event analysis with marker insert feature
  • Post processed calculations on selected pre-marked sections
  • Pre-defined project reports
  • Level vs. Time view of calculated functions
  • Level vs. Frequency view difference calculations
  • User-defined project reports
  • MS Excel template based NorReport measurement report feature
  • Option 1: Event & Calculations
    Professional Event and Calculation module for automated noise sources event detection, marker management feature and advanced calculations based on selected markers, time intervals, or descriptors, as well as post-processed statistical noise analysis.
  • Option 2: Level vs. Frequency View
    Enhanced display module with level vs. frequency presentation of multispectral measurements from Nor118, Nor121, Nor140, Nor150 or Nor840, 3D/Spectrogram Views, AC-view display of audio recordings and a secondary y-axis on the L(t)-Views for display of alternative data such as weather.
  • Option 3: Multiple Measurement Files
    Multiple file read-in module for displaying and calculating of multiple noise measurements files in parallel (even from different instruments). Allows the read-in of .txt files for measurement parameters as well as alternative data files such as pictures, NorReview projects and other .doc and .pdf documents.
  • Option 4: Audio Replay
    Special NorReview sound player with moving cursor along the Level versus Time graphical views for Nor121, Nor140 and Nor150 measurement recordings. Combined with opt.1, new markers may be inserted simultaneously with the moving cursor.
  • Option 5: NorReport
    NorReport reporting module using editable Excel-templates to prepare user-defined printed report of measurement results. (This optional feature is included in the basic package from software version 5.x)
  • Option Lden
    Rating module enabling calculations according to Lden (Day-Evening-Night) and Ldn (Day-Night) functions (ISO 1996-1 Standard).
  • Option PureTone:
    Tonality assessment module enabling calculations according to Annex C in the ISO 1996-2 (2007) and the German Standard DIN 45681 (2005).