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Rion VM-56


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The Rion VM-56 is a tri-axial groundborne vibration meter capable of simultaneously calculating the measurement quantities defined by DIN 45669-1, ISO 8041 and other national measurement standards.

Like other Rion products, it is characterized by excellent build-quality and exceptional ease of use. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including attended measurements, unattended surveys and live-to-web monitoring.




  • General Purpose Vibration Measurements in 3 Axis
  • Ground Vibration
  • Building Vibration


  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters including PPV and VDV
  • Simultaneous tri-axial measurement
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Data stored as CSV files on an SD card
  • Waveform recording and 1/3 Octave band analysis


  • Option 1:AS-70GV Software
  • Option 2:VX-56 RT
  • Option 3:VX-56WR


  • PV-83D Triaxial Accelerometer (included)
  • EC-04 Series 7P Extension Cable (included)
  • NC-98E AC adapter
  • VP-54D DIN Plate
  • VP-54L L-bracket