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SI512 Sound Intensity Measurement Probe



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BSWA SI512 Sound Intensity Measurement Probe
The BSWA SI512 Sound Intensity Probe offers a complete solution for measurements of sound intensity. Its ICP® type preamplifiers comply with IEC 1043 Class 2 Standard. Based on the technique of simultaneous determination of sound pressure and particle velocity by two closely spaced microphones, SI512 can be directly connected to ICP inputs to perform sound intensity measurements.

  • Determination of sound power levels
  • Sound intensity measurements
  • Product noise testing
  • ICP powered
  • Remote-control functions
  • Two BNC connectors for easy connection
  • Accurate phase matched microphones
  • Face to face configuration
  • 1/3-octave center frequency range from 63 Hz to 5 kHz
  • Well-defined acoustical microphone separation
The Sl512 sound intensity is designed with a robust frame holding two ICCP preamplifiers and matched microphones in a face-to-face configuration. The distance between microphones is defined by solid, plastic spacers. Sound is constrained to act on each microphone through a narrow slit between the spacer and the microphone grid. This gives well defined acoustic separation of the microphones and minimizes shadow and reflection effects.  The normalized microphone frequency responses differ by less than 0.5 dB. Sl512 probe kit is supplied with a hand-held probe, two microphones and preamplifiers, Lemo to USB device with BNC connectors, 8.5 mm, 12 mm and 50 mm spacers and a carrying case.
The optional VA-Lab SI module from BSWA provides a simple system for sound intensity measurements and post-processing of test data. The system requires two or four channel data acquisition hardware from BSWA such as the MC3022 or MC3242.