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SoundEar Pro



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SoundEar Pro
SoundEar PRO makes it possible to measure sound levels at up to 10 different locations at the same time. All measurements are transferred to a computer, either through a wireless or a LAN network, making it possible to monitor the sound levels of the entire company at all hours of the day from a single computer. Displays, such as the SoundEar II, can be connected to the SoundEar PRO system, giving visual warnings when the sound level is above a defined noise limit. The display can be connected through the software to one of the meters and clearly shows when the sound level becomes too high.

  • Long-term monitoring of the noise environment of the entire company
  • Professional sound level meter system that you can easily mount and operate yourself
  • Simple software for working with your measurements
  • Makes it easy to create a noise map
  • Suitable for small as well as large companies experiencing noise problems
The included software saves all measurements for quick overview of peak values as well as average LAeq values. Measurements from different time periods and from various sound level meters can be viewed and compared in order to get a visual image of the sound levels. Measurements can be transferred to MS Excel.