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VC120 Vibration Calibrating System



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MMF VC120 Vibration Calibrating System
The VC120 from MMF is a vibration calibration system for sensors and instruments in units of acceleration, velocity and displacement. Its adjustable vibration frequency allows verifying transducer sensitivity at individual frequencies according to your sensor application. It is suitable for sensors with charge, voltage and IEPE compatible outputs. Measurement results with the corresponding units and all important settings are clearly shown on an LCD graphics display. Measured data can also be processed, displayed and stored by the included PC software.

Easy calibration and fault detection of vibration sensors and instruments
Determination of amplitude response
Self-contained calibration system
Test amplitude of 1 m/s² rms
Vibration frequency from 70 Hz to 10 kHz
Suitable for test objects weighing up to 400g
Internal signal conditioner for charge, IEPE and voltage
Traceable to PTB standard
USB interface for PC controlled calibration
PC software for calibration and display with sensor data base
Customer software control by simple ASCII commands
Mains buffered NiMH battery for desktop and field use
Unequalled price-performance ratio
Transport case
Mains adapter (100 .. 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz)
PC software
USB cable
Thread adapters (M5, M8, 1/4″-28, UNF 10-32)
Adapter BNC / UNF 10-32 (Mod. 017)

Software (Included)

The PC software VC1xxCDB (Calibration Database) is used to control the VC120 and to manage the calibration data in a local data base. With the help of this software it is possible to design calibration templates to automate calibration cycles and to generate calibration reports automatically. The data base is used to manage the measuring results as well as the specific sensor values and customer data.