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VM-31 Human Response and Machine Vibration Meter



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MMF VM-31 Human Response and Machine Vibration Meter

The VM-31 vibration meter from MMF makes a versatile tool for the measurement of human response to vibrations, condition monitoring of machinery or as vibration meter and frequency analyzer for other applications requiring single or tri-axial vibration measurements. The meter’s compact design with a colored OLED display allows for quick and user-friendly operation.

Versatile tool for vibration measurement during product development and for health and safety at the workplace to ISO guidelines

Measurement of hand-transmitted vibration to ISO 5349
Measurement of whole-body vibration to ISO 2631
SEAT measurement at driver seats
Vibrations on passenger and merchant ships to ISO 6954
Condition monitoring of rotating machinery in three axes
Vibration measurement in vehicles and other vibrating structures
Machine condition monitoring to ISO 10816-1/-3 /-6/-7
Roller bearing monitoring to VDI 3832 etc
Quality control
General vibration measurement in laboratory and industry

Four independent measuring channels
Weighting filters to ISO 8041 —  Wh for hand-arm vibration and Wb, Wc, Wd, Wj, Wk, Wm for whole-body vibration
Display of interval and running RMS, maximum RMS (MTVV), interval RMS, vibration dose value (VDV), vector sum, peak and maximum peak
Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement
FFT of acceleration with 125 lines

TEDS sensor detection

Memory for measurements and FFTs with USB interface
Excel macro included for data transfer and calculation of daily exposure A(8)
Clear user guidance with colored OLED

Very compact design

10 hours operation with 3 Micro (AAA) batteries

Available as hand-arm kit and whole-body kit including suitable sensors and accessories

KB103SVD – Triaxial seat accelerometer
KS903.10 – Triaxial accelerometer (hand-arm)
KS903.100 – Triaxial accelerometer (machine vibration)
KS78.100 – Uniaxial accelerometer for channel A
091-CMR-B711-3 – Triaxial sensor cable (3 m)
VM31-A – Uniaxial sensor cable (3 m)
141 – Handle adapter for curved surfaces (M5)
143 – Hand-held adapter for curved surfaces (M5)

Measuring Kits

Hand-Arm Measuring Kit VM31-HA
VM31, triaxial accelerometer KS903.10, sensor cable 3 m, handle adapter 141 and 143, USB cable,batteries, instruction manual

Whole-Body Measuring Kit VM31-WB
VM31, triaxial seat accelerometer KB103SVD, USB cable, batteries, instruction manual

Hand-Arm and Whole-Body Measuring Kit VM31-HAWB
VM31, triaxial accelerometer KS903.10, sensor cable 3 m, triaxial seat accelerometer KB103SVD, handle adapter 141 and 143, USB cable, batteries, instruction manual

Machine / Structural vibration Kit VM31-M
VM31, triaxial accelerometer KS903.100, sensor cable 3 m, magnetic base 008, sensor probe 001, USB cable, batteries, instruction manual