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Rion VM-55 Vibration Level Meter



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Rion VM-55 Vibration Level Meter

The VM-55 Vibration meter Rion is equipped to measure the instantaneous value for vibration level

and vibration acceleration level, as well as the time percentile level, time averaged level, maximum and minimum values in three axes simultaneously. Additional capability includes waveform recording and 1/3 octave band analysis.

General purpose vibration measurements in 3-axis
Ground vibration
Building Vibration
Simultaneous measurement of vibration level (Lv) and vibration acceleration (Lva)
Measurement of percentile level, time averaged level, max and min in all 3 axis simultaneously
27 hours of measurement operation
Support for high capacity SD cards up to 32 DB
Support for communication with a computer via USB
1/3 Octave band analysis function
Waveform recording

VX-55EX – Extended Functions Program

The VX-55EX program adds auto-store functionality to the meter, allowing measurements to be stored automatically after a measurement of specific duration. This program also enables a comparator output and continuous data output function via USB or RS-232 control interface for users with custom applications. This program is required for installation of other programs.

VX-55RT –1/3 Octave Real-time Analysis Program

The VX-55RT program adds 1/3 Octave real-time analysis capability to the meter. Saved analysis results can be reloaded for display. (Requires VX-55EX program)

VX-55WR – Waveform Recording Program

The VX-55WR program enables the user to record raw audio files. Recorded files in uncompressed WAVE format can be listened to when exported to a computer or used for advanced post-analysis software compatible with the WAVE format such as Rion’s AS-70 software. (Requires VX-55EX program)

PV-83C Triaxial Accelerometer (included)
EC-54S Extension Cable, 3m (included)
NC-98C AC adapter
BP-21A Battery Pack
(see brochure for additional accessories)


The AS-70 Waveform analysis software reads data from Wave files and offers a wide range of functions, including graph display, level processing, frequency analysis (FFT analysis and octave band analysis), file output and playback.


AS-60 software allows users to graphically display data, perform calculation processing and exclude sounds, create reports, output files and play real sounds. The AS-60 software works with Rion sound and vibration level measurement instruments and supports 1/1 and 1/3 Octave band and vibration level analysis.