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Rion YI-01 Impact Ball



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YI-01 Impact Ball
The YI-01 Impact Ball is used as a noise source for sound insulation testing of floors in buildings. Its light-weight design is ideal for sound insulating testing in lightweight structures where a standard heavy impact sound source would create too much impact force.

Building acoustics
Sound Insulation testing
Product testing
Research & development
“Rubber Ball “ alternative to the Tapping Machine Excitation method in accordance with the ISO 16283-2 Appendix A.2 and the ISO 10140-5 Appendix F.2
Hollow sphere ball
Outside diameter 178mm and thickness 32mm
Silicone rubber material
Equivalent mass 2,5 kg (+/- 0,1kg)
Coefficient of restitution at 0,8 (+/- 0,1)
Rubber hardness 40o (+/- 5o)