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Norsonic Precision Sound Analyzer Nor145

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Easy to use thanks to its large colour touchscreen and intuitive menus.

It shares the same user interface as Nor150 sound analyzer, but hosted in a smaller and lighter enclosure.

Nor145 is a single channel unit optimized for easy connectivity to NorVirtual App, NorCloud, NorRemote and Nor850, through the built-in WLAN and 3G/4G LTE modem.


  • General purpose sound measurements
  • Low noise levels
  • Environmental noise assessments
  • Noise monitoring
  • Product noise testing
  • Sound recording
  • Quality control
  • Building acoustics


  • Large color touch-screen (4.3”)
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical icons for selection of mode and custom made user setups. Markers edited directly on the touch screen
  • Real keyboard for quick operation in challenging environments
  • Built in webserver makes your Nor145 available through the internet from anywhere in the world whether you configure it for LAN, USB, WLAN, GPRS, 3G, or 4G communication
  • Audio recording on trigger or softkey
  • Listen to recordings using a standard headset
  • Voice and text notes, built in GPS, and camera notes help you document your measurements
  • Wide frequency range for vibration and low frequency measurements (0,4 Hz – 20kHz in 1/3 octave band)
  • 120dB measurement range broadband and filter
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 software
  • New features added to nor145 Remote, including camera support, alarms, etc
  • Profile B report with trigger possibility
  • Profile Moving report with trigger possibility
  • Reverberation time
  • Option 1: Built in camera and GPS
  • Option 3: 1/1 and 1/3 octave band filters
  • Option 4: Audio recording and makers
  • Option 7: Signal generator
  • Option 8: Reverberation time decay and calculation of T20 and T30 based on impulse excitation
  • Option 9: Complete building acoustic mode with microphone position room averaging in accordance with ASTM E336, E1007 and ISO-16283 and ratings calculations according to ASTM 413, E989 and ISO-717
  • Option 11: Internal Web server with enhanced noise assessment functions
  • Option 12: NorCloud
  • Option 13: FFT. Works in Parallel with the 1/1 or 1/3 Octave Analysis. Will be released summer 2019.
  • Option 16: Built in WLAN and LTE Modem (Edge – 4G)



A new generation of remote control and data acquisition from a sound level meter!

Use your smartphone or notepad to connect with your sound level meter.

The Nor145’s built-in web server opens up a new world of remote communication and acquisition of data from a sound level meter. Simply connect to your instrument via LAN, GPRS, or WiFi using a web browser to control, download, or view the measurement in real time. The program covers all applications from downloading files to full control of your analyzer to add markers, start a recording or just check the battery status.

Measurement Parameters

  • Simultaneous measurement of SPL, Leq, LeqI, LMax, LMin, LE, LEI, LPeak, Ln and Tmax5.
  • Time weighting functions: Fast, Slow, and Impulse (Simultaneous).
  • Spectral weighting functions: A, C, and Z – weighting (Simultaneous).
  • Frequency analysis: 1/1 and 1/3 octave real time filters from 0,1Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Statistical calculations: 8 individual adjustable percentiles from L0,1% to L99,9%, The statistical calculations are performed in real time within each frequency band and for each profile period if period length is set longer than 2 minutes. User can select between Fast or Slow time weighting as basis for the statistical calculation.

Measurement Control

  • Time profile resolution: 10ms – 24 hours including full frequency spectra.
  • Overall measurement duration: 1 sec – 7 days. (If set to Repeat or Synchro mode a new measurement will be started automatically, with no time gap between each measurement.)
  • Back erase in Pause mode: 0-20 sec free selectable graphical back erase.

Audio Recording

12 and 48 kHz sampling rate / 8 , 8MU, 16 and 24 bits / 5 sec pre-trigger.

Measurement Range

  • One range covering 120dB without any range adjustments.
  • Self noise measured with ½” microphone with a nominal sensitivity of 50mv/Pa: 17dBA.
  • Maximum RMS level 137dBA, Maximum Peak level 140dB PeakC.
  • The high SPL mode enables measurements up to 194dB using a suitable 1/4” microphone.
  • Built in GPS for position and exact time synchronization.


4,3” color display, ¼ VGA with capacitive touch. Scratch-proof display glass with anti-smudge coating.


Built in GPS for position and exact time synchronization.

Built in Camera for annotation before, during and after a measurement. Camera can be set up to capture noise event based pictures.


  • Internal memory: 350MB
  • Micro SD card: Up to 64 GB, supports XC and HC standard.
  • Data can also be stored on an external USB stick.
  • Data transfer via LAN, USB and high speed RS232. Supports WLAN and GPRS – 3G/UMTS – 4G/LTE via USB. Internal web server may push data to any server or external device 350MB


  • Microphone input: Supports standard 7 pin lemo preamplifiers including SysCheck, Microphone heating and IEPE. Polarization voltage: 0, 70 and 200V. Preamplifier voltage is +- 15V. Also suitable for vibration measurements connecting IEPE accelerometers and geophones.
  • Comment microphone: Via 3 pin mini jack.

Analog Outputs

  • AC out, 100mV full scale on 15 pin I/O socket.
  • 3 pin mini jack headphone socket for replay of voice notes, listen to microphone AC signal or replay of audio recordings. Comment microphone for voice notes is connected to same plug.
  • Signal generator on 15 pin I/O socket with Pink, White, Band-pass filtered, sine, and impulse noise.


  • Rechargeable 7Ah Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge.
  • External power 9-15Vdc 3-5Watt.
  • Typical battery lifetime: 8 hours.

Dimensions (ex. preamplifier and microphone LxWxH): 235 x 82 x 29mm.
Weight (including preamplifier and microphone): 535g.


For more information on the Nor145, please contact us or visit Norsonic’s Nor145 product page.