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April 2020 Newsletter

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Scantek’s April 2020 Newsletter
Remote Office Special Offers For CadnaA
DataKustik and Scantek, Inc. want to offer you their full support while this COVID-19 crisis takes place. In order to support the best we can, we are providing two solutions:
Option 1: Additional temporary Local HASP-keys Temporary (limited to 3 months) local HASP-Keys with the same configuration as the highest owned license. The quantity corresponding to the owned licenses, but a maximum of 5 HASP per customer. Special offer: 100 USD plus order processing and delivery costs (+100 USD deposit per HASP, will be returned)
Option 2: Upgrade to a server license When updating to a server license the customer receives a 20% discount on the upgrade price Conditions: – The above offers only apply to customers with valid software maintenance. –
The above offers are valid until 30th April 2020 – The above offers are subject to availability. Please contact us if you would like to hear more. DataKustik has also prepared a short guide to get a closer look. You can download that guide below.
Your DataKustik and Scantek, Inc. Team


CadnaA Training Announcement
This June, DataKustik will be hosting a North American training session in Mississauga Ontario at the Hatch Offices. It’s a great chance to learn in a small group how to take advantage of all CadnaA has to offer from DataKustik’s expert staff. The training seminar begins at CadnaA’s most basic level and progresses in difficulty over the course of three days.
To register for Datakustik’s North American CadnaA Training Seminar please visit,, find the training session you wish to sign up for and select “Register Now”.
If you have any questions about registering please email using [email protected], or call me directly at (443)-393-3426. This year’s training session plans can be modified due to the COVID-19 crisis.


ENC Version 5.2 Released
ENC version 5.2 is now available. In version 5.2, most of the new additions are in Module 2. In particular, the sound propagation module is now a separate option from the sound sources and includes 2 new pages. One of the pages provides a full sound propagation analysis using CONCAWE for up to 20 sources and receivers and a second new page provides a full sound propagation analysis using ISO9613-2 for up to 20 sources and receivers.
Future releases of version 5 will include updates to the other modules and it is expected that these will be released in stages during the coming year or two. We are also working on a new statistical energy analysis module.
For more information and access to the demo version please visit, You can also visit the product brochure for ENC below.
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Mention you saw this ad and send request for quotes to [email protected] or call 410-384-4254 for more details.
Software Version 3.0 for
Nor145 & Nor150
Software Version 3.0.19 for the Nor145 made its debut at the end of 2019, and now we can finally say the same for the Nor150. The software updates included with v3.0.1323 for the Nor150 share similarities with software update 3.0.19 for the Nor145. These updated features include FFT Auto Spectrum, Engineering units, Weather Station & Noise Compass support and improvements in BA mode. What makes this update special is the updates to the Nor150’s Sound Intensity Mode.
Specific improvements to the Nor150’s Sound Intensity Mode are below:
  • 96149614-1 SI measurement at discrete points is fully implemented
  • L(t) view intensity
  • New surfaces:
    • Bottom on cuboid
    • Horizontal and Vertical Cylinders and Semi-Cylinders
    • Graphical illustrations in the Surface Definition menu
    • Extra surfaces and segments are now possible to add: Circular sector and Rectangle
    • A <<General>> standard for those not interested in using 9614-1/2, and who does not want the warning indicators – Temporal variability measurement
  • All field indicators
  • All warning indicators
  • Action suggestions
  • Improved and corrected Warning indicators for 9614-2, less stringent
  • Improved help texts
  • Tap warnings to get the help text directly
  • Improved Phase Correction handling
  • A New maximum function is implemented, indicating and limiting the displayed performance of the corrections to the values tested and confirmed at factory calibration
  • For the remote operation via mobile phone a new app has been developed (the previous android NorRemote app is now obsolete!). The new app is called NorVirual, it`s free and can be downloaded from both AppStore for iOS and at GooglePlay for android. Read more at Normanual:
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About Scantek

Scantek, Inc. is the leader in sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, rental and calibration. Scantek sells, services, and rents the finest products and provides expert support on their use. The Scantek Calibration Laboratory is accredited for microphones, calibrators, sound level meters, dosimeters, sound and vibration FFT and real-time analyzers, preamplifiers and signal conditioners, accelerometers, velocity sensors, vibration meters and vibration exciters.  Scantek, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Norsonic AS.
  • COVID-19 Crisis
  • CadnaA Training in June
  • ENC Version Release
  • 2020 is the International Year of Sound
  • Noise-Con New Orleans 2020
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