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CVK HealthVib®

An instrument for measuring vibrations on humans in three directions, x, y, and z, in relation to the threshold values in the EU directive. This functionality reveals the vibration origin and thus makes it easier to choose the correct preventive action.

HealthVib® is a self-contained unit fitted in a seat pad logging the Vibration levels in accordance to ISO 2631-1 following the new EU directive 2002/44/EG. The unit may optionally communicate wireless with the Vibindicator™, a display and data logger unit. The time profile and the overall measurement results of the measured vibration signals can be downloaded from Vibindicator™ to the PC. A simple display program is included. The data may also be exported to Excel. The HealthVib® is a more cost effective measurement solution for whole body measurements than traditional vibration instruments.

HealthVib® is easy to use and requires no cables or special software. Vibration data is stored and analyzed during the measurement and simultaneously shown on display.

CVK Vibindicator™

The Vibindicator™ shows the results from HealthVib® in a mobile and graphical display that makes it easy to comprehend the total vibration exposure in real time. Because it is wireless, it can for example easily be placed in the window of a truck in order to give continuous feedback to the driver. The Vibindicator is delivered with a software which makes it possible to handle the vibration data in a regular pc.

HealthVib® and Vibindicator™ is developed and made by CVK, Sweden and sold via the Norsonic distributor network.

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