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GTI iPad-Based Predictive Maintenance System

The iPad-Based Predictive Maintenance system transforms an iPad into a vibration analyzer, a balancer, and much more. Using an extensive app library, the system extends far beyond what typical predictive maintenance systems can offer.

The iPad system is designed to work with an entire catalog of supported apps. The following apps are available in the iTunes app store and may be added to an iPad system after initial purchase.

  • VibePRO – a vibration analyser that collects and analyzes signals of industrial machinery.
  • iRotorBALANCER – techincal tool for balancing of rotating machinery in single plane and two-planes.
  • VibeRMS – vibration RMS meter software designed for the iPad.
  • BalanceVision – designed as a support tool for machine rotor balancing procedures, the app uses the camera feature in the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to help the user find the exact angular location where the trial and correction weights should be mounted in the rotor during the balancing operation.
  • iVibraMeter – a tool for machine condition monitoring, the iPad app connects to the data acquisition box and collects in real time the Overall RMS Vibrations and displays the value together with the severity bar based on different industry standards.
  • iAlignCALC – iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch application to calculate machine shaft alignment corrections.
  • VibeSPECTRA – reference guide for the predictive maintenance of rotating machinery.
  • Vibra Test – tool for vibration severity test of rotating machinery based on ISO 10816-03.
The vibration and balancing system has been designed to work with almost every iPAD. The system supports the iPAD 2, 3, 4, and iPAD mini. An iPAD is included with every system unless one is supplied by the customer.

The box comes calibrated for the accelerometer and iPAD it ships with. The box ships with a 30-pin connector ensuring its compatibility with older generations of the iPad.

The accelerometers are built to provide the iPad with a great vibration signal to work with. The magnetic base is incredibly strong to ensure it doesn’t interfere with vibration data. Every aspect of the system has been thought out that includes the accelerometer.

The two plane balancing system comes with a custom built tachometer. Every aspect of the tachometer has been optimized to give state of the art readings without iPad’s DAQ box and iRotorBALANCE app.
Designed for use in a variety of environments, the protective case is water resistant for use almost anywhere but full water submersion. The screen protector allows the iPad’s screen to be easily cleaned. The customized case provides the right kind of protection and transforms an ordinary iPad into a vibration analyzer.

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