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Tyre/Road Noise Reference Book

This is the first book ever covering the entire subject of exterior tyre/road noise emission – the most important part of road traffic noise in most traffic situations. Several major policy documents from international organisations or expert groups have identified tyre/road noise as the component of road transportation noise which is the most urgently in need of being reduced. Road traffic noise from a fleet of modern vehicles is generally dominated by noise from tyre/road interaction. In 2001, the EU introduced noise emission limits for tyres and preparations are currently being made within the UN/ECE to introduce a tyre noise emission regulation. International standards on tyre/road noise issues are underway. The industry itself now often identifies tyre/road noise as a major future problem to which substantial resources must be allocated. Road and environmental authorities face tyre/road noise as the major road traffic noise component in most situations when noise reduction is needed. A high competence in this subject is necessary in order to meet future demands from society and customers.
To provide a timely and up-to-date aid in reaching such high competence, as well as providing a general but comprehensive overview for the interested environmental expert, we are proud to announce the availability of the:

Adj. Prof. Ulf Sandberg, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) and Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Prof. Jerzy A. Ejsmont, Technical University of Gdansk (TUG), Poland
Both authors are well known and experienced in the subject. Prof. Sandberg has been involved in tyre/road noise research and abatement since 1974 and Prof. Ejsmont has been active with the same since 1978. Both have written doctoral theses on the subject.

INFORMEX, Harg, SE-59040 Kisa, Sweden

ISBN Number:

Extent of book:
640 pages, 800 illustrations and tables (almost all are in colour).

270×200 mm (about 40 mm thick). Weight: 2.4 kg. Hard cover.

Target audience:
Everybody working with or interested in road transportation noise. Readers who lack a basic knowledge of acoustics may appreciate the special chapter that gives an introduction to the subject of sound and noise.

The purpose with the book is to give a comprehensive and up-to-date state-of-the-art review. It is also intended to be useful as a handbook on the subject.

Terminology – Brief facts about sound and noise – Historical perspectives – Tyre/road noise as part of vehicle noise – Aspects of human perception related to tyre/road noise – Basic information about tyres and road surfaces – Noise sources and generation mechanisms – Source locations – Models – Tyre/road noise: general influences and typical data – Driver influence – Influence of various tyre-related parameters – Road surface influence – Influence of environmental parameters – Influence of vehicle construction – Standards and measuring methods – Basic measures – Factors affecting measurements – Reference tyres and reference surfaces – Measuring instruments and equipment – Compromise between noise and other parameters? – Tyre/road noise in traffic noise prediction models (road surface corrections, etc) – Noise reduction measures related to tyres – Design of low noise road surfaces – Low noise road surfaces (state-of-the-art) – Futuristic tyre and road surface designs – The EU Directive and possible other regulations – Noise labelling – Costs and benefits – Literature search – References – Index