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SONarchitect allows the user to compute all the sound insulation values in one-third octave bands in the entire building according to ISO EN 12354:1,2,3,4,6. Results are detailed for every enclosure, separator, flank, and transmission path, and can be interactively explored.

For additional information including a free demo version download, please visit the Sound of Numbers SONarchitect website.

  • Multiple rooms and floors can be created using smart drawing tools without any geometrical restrictions
  • Prediction of sound insulation from catalog of materials or custom materials
  • Absorptive material finishing to optimize the reverberation times within rooms
  • Optional elastic bands in junctions solves a critical issue in computing the vibrational reduction coefficient
  • Configure insulation limits from local Building Code or according to personal quality requirements for each type of room
  • Aesthetic 3D modeling provides navigation of the entire building’s geometry for a presentation to clients
  • Calculation of airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, façade insulation, noise emission, and reverberation times
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of the building with an emission noise map
  • Auralization engine allows the user to hear a built-in or user-specific audio file effected by the building’s insulation while taking a virtual walk-though the 3D environment
  • Visualize best or worst performing enclosures with distribution histograms of the acoustic insulation levels in the entire building