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Nor150 Precision Sound and Vibration Analyzer 




The Nor150 Sound and Vibration analyser sets new standards in user-friendliness. Featuring the largest color touchscreen in a handheld meter on the market today, the Nor150 provides the user-friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include: built in web server, camera, GPS, and advanced voice and text notes bringing the sophistications normally found in laboratory instrumentation out in the field. 

The instrument is a dual channel analyser designed to cover a variety of applications such as environmental noise assessments, sound insulation, and sound intensity measurements among many other measurement tasks.



  • General purpose sound measurements
  • Low noise levels
  • Environmental noise assessments
  • Noise monitoring
  • Product noise testing
  • Vibration measurements
  • Sound recording
  • Sound intensity measurements
  • Quality control
  • Building acoustics




  • Large colour touch-screen (4.3”).
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical icons for selection of mode and custom made user setups. Markers edited directly on the touch screen.
  • Real keyboard for quick operation in challenging environments.
  • Built in webserver makes your Nor150 available through the internet from anywhere in the world whether you configure it for LAN, USB, WLAN, GPRS, 3G, or 4G communication.
  • Audio recording on trigger or softkey.
  • listen to recordings using a standard headset.
  • Voice and text notes, built in GPS, and camera notes help you document your measurements.
  • Wide frequency range for vibration and low frequency measurements (0,4 Hz – 20kHz in 1/3 octave band).
  • 120dB measurement range broadband and filter.
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 software.
  • New features added to nor150 Remote, including camera support, alarms, etc.
  • Profile B report with trigger possibility.
  • Profile Moving report with trigger possibility.
  • 2 channel measurements
  • Reverberation time



Option 1

Built in camera and GPS

Option 2

Second measurement channel

Option 3

1/1 and 1/3 octave band filters

Option 4

Audio recording and markers

Option 5 Sound intensity mode supporting measurements in accordance with ISO 9614-2
Option 6 Enhanced sound intensity supporting measurements in accordance with ISO 9614-1, ANSI S12.12 and ECMA 160
Option 7 Signal generator
Option 8 Reverberation time decay and calculation of T20 and T30 based on impulse excitation
Option 9 Complete building acoustic mode with microphone position room averaging in accordance with ASTM E336, E1007 and ISO-16283 and ratings calculations according to ASTM E413, E989 and ISO-717 
Option 11 Enhanced noise assessment package including internal web server for remote control via smartphones, pads, and PC  and additional four triggers for independent setting of different trigger levels during a day.

Nor850 Software

          Nor850 Software Suite Overview


           Nor850 Building Acoustics Module for Field Measurements


Sound Intensity

Sound Intensity

The Nor150 fitted with sound intensity option and the sound intensity probe kit Nor1290 is a powerful tool for all type of sound intensity measurements. It is designed for easy use in all types of measurement conditions. 

The remote control handle using a Smartphone as a measurement control and displaying device forms a light weighted and easy to use system, allowing the user to perform all measurements with a single hand operation. The Smartphone communicates via WiFi with the internal web server running in the Nor150. The system may also be used with the sound intensity probe directly attached to the Nor150.


  • Sound Power Measurements in accordance with
    - ISO 9614
    - ANSI S12.12
    - ECMA 160
  • Noise Mapping
  • Noise Source Localization


  • Compliant to IEC 61043 Class 1
  • Full on-board support for ISO 9614-2
  • Unique phase correction allows measuring 25 Hz to 10 kHz with 12 mm spacer
  • Intuitive warning indicators
  • Measurement-based suggestions for improving results
  • Automatic measurement sequence
  • Pause and back-erase with graphical display
  • Full measurement edit support (segment exclusion, resize, retake)
  • Add segment support
  • Export to Nor850 mapping and reporting software
  • Photo, text, and voice annotation
  • NorRemote app for smartphone remote control
  • Support for ½” and ¼” microphones


Nor1290 Sound Intensity Kit Datasheet



A new generation of remote control and data acquisition from a sound level meter!
Use your smartphone or notepad to connect with your sound level meter.
The Nor150’s built-in web server opens up a new world of remote communication and acquisition of data from a sound level meter. Simply connect to your instrument via LAN, GPRS, or WiFi using a web browser to control, download, or view the measurement in real time. The program covers all applications from downloading files to full control of your analyser to add markers, start a recording or just check the battery status.



Measurement Parameters

Simultaneous measurement of SPL, Leq, LeqI, LMax, LMin, LE, LEI, LPeak, Ln and Tmax5.
Time weighting functions: Fast, Slow, and Impulse (Simultaneous).
Spectral weighting functions: A, C, and Z - weighting (Simultaneous).
Frequency analysis: 1/1 and 1/3 octave real time filters from 0,1Hz to 20 kHz.
Statistical calculations: 8 individual adjustable percentiles from L0,1% to L99,9%, The statistical calculations are performed in real time within each frequency band and for each profile period if period length is set longer than 2 minutes. User can select between Fast or Slow time weighting as basis for the statistical calculation. 
Measurement Control

Time profile resolution: 10ms – 24 hours including full frequency spectra.
Overall measurement duration: 1 sec – 7 days. (If set to Repeat or Synchro mode a new measurement will be started automatically, with no time gap between each measurement.)
Back erase in Pause mode: 0-20 sec free selectable graphical back erase.
Audio Recording
12 and 48 kHz sampling rate / 8 , 8MU, 16 and 24 bits / 5 sec pretrigger.
Measurement Range
One range covering 120dB without any range adjustments.
Self noise measured with ½” microphone with a nominal sensitivity of 50mv/Pa: 17dBA.
Maximum RMS level 137dBA, Maximum Peak level 140dB PeakC.
The high SPL mode enables measurements up to 194dB using a suitable 1/4” microphone.
Built in GPS for position and exact time synchronization.
4,3” colour display, ¼ VGA with capacitive touch. Scratch-proof display glass with anti-smudge coating.
Built in GPS for position and exact time synchronization.
Built in Camera for annotation before, during and after a measurement. Camera can be set up to capture noise event based pictures.
Datastorage / Datatransfer
Internal memory: 350MB
Micro SD card: Up to 64 GB, supports XC and HC standard.
Data can also be stored on an external USB stick.
Data transfer via LAN, USB and high speed RS232. Supports WLAN and GPRS - 3G/UMTS - 4G/LTE via USB. Internal web server may push data to any server or external device.350MB
Microphone input: Two microphone inputs (Second channel optional). Supports standard 7 pin lemo preamplifiers including SysCheck, Microphone heating and IEPE. Polarization voltage: 0, 70 and 200V. Preamplifier voltage is +- 15V. Also suitable for vibration measurements connecting IEPE accelerometers and geophones.
Comment microphone: Via 3 pin mini jack.
Analog Outputs
AC out, 100mV full scale on 15 pin I/O socket.
3 pin mini jack headphone socket for replay of voice notes, listen to microphone AC signal or replay of audio recordings. Comment microphone for voice notes is connected to same plug.
Signal generator on 15 pin I/O socket with Pink, White, Band-pass filtered, sine, and impulse noise.
Rechargeable 3,5Ah Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge.
External power 10-28Vdc 3-5Watt.
Typical battery lifetime: 8 hours.
Dimensions (ex. preamplifier and microphone LxWxH): 240 x 82 x 39mm.
Weight (including preamplifier and microphone): 700g.